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“Postdoctoral Hub” Programme

Briefing on “Postdoctoral Hub” Programme and various funding programmes by the ITC The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) announced that the “Postdoctoral Hub” Programme (“PH-SPC”) under the Technology Talent Scheme was open for application. Incubatees and Innovation & Technology (I&T) tenants of HKSTP are eligible for application. To facilitate your application, representatives of ITC have been invited to share with you details of this new “Postdoctoral Hub” Programme and other funding programmes (including Internship Programme, Public Sector Trial Scheme and Technology Voucher Programme). To learn about how these funding programmes benefiting your companies – Go register now! Register Detail info hashtag#PostdoctoralHub hashtag#DeepPROject hashtag#AccelerationProgram hashtag#PhD hashtag#Scientist

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