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Markets are complex systems with chaotic dynamics

In another word; markets are chaotic systems with complex dynamics. Most people claim markets are unpredictable because any human and algorithm can fail for prediction in any case as the nature of market is dramatic, unpredictable, changes in the future. The ultimate prediction solution might need to wait till the advancement of technology which rely on the basic of chaos theory with a huge leap of future REAL artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Today market prediction is divided into two groups. The first group from machine learning predictive analytics experts believes that future computers will possess better than human “artificial intelligence,” while the second group argues that only human analysts can make best prediction based on the vast amounts of dynamic data with correlation factoring by human brain.

‘No matter how advanced technology becomes, natural instincts will have the upper hand’

The human perspective of data analytics is critical to influencing the interpretation of data. Understanding what it means as a human, gaining insights and knowing how human make mistakes in everyday life can be the difference to finding the meaning behind information rather than facts and figures. But still the time might come in the future that no human analyst will be able to beat the computer.

Our Approach

We are proposing a new approach to collect the best intelligence from these two groups — Human and Machine with cutting edge algorithms to create a collective optimised prediction which can outperform any analyst and AI engine alone.

We called this as Collective Predictive Intelligence by Human + AI (CPI)

Thousands to millions of Predictions Participants (PP) from human market analyst and virtual market analyst (such as deep learning and machine learning engine) provides periodic market predictions and our AI algorithm generate an optimised prediction result base on profiling their historic performance, domain speciality, market dynamics, etc.
  • Our solution incentivises their best predictions from thousands of top analysts around the world and generates different investment strategies based on different risk levels and markets

  • Our AI algorithm profiles Predictions Participants attributions base on historic performance comparing with thousands of variables and factoring into future prediction

  • Our blockchain system rewards Predictions Participants fairly and transparently and track their prediction and performance with real time market data

CPI is a team of top notch scientists and expertise aiming to reinvent a new solution for market prediction base on collective human and machine intelligence. We are going to further explain our solutions and features in our coming whitepaper and articles.
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