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DEEPTECK | The Community for Deep Technology <Open for Admission NOW>

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

A new community born in 2 weeks ago, today we are hitting 50 members on board and many more is queuing to join, 10 volunteers committed in different role to support this community. A remarkable traction and proven interest for this new community! Inviting PhD or PhD candidate in any technical and science field (but not limited) to join. No membership fee required with unmatched opportunities to learn and collaborate with top notch scientists and technologists in Asia. DEEPTECK is a new community to empower technologists and scientists with new market exposure and resources and enabling them to be more influential in the upcoming technology-driven economy. We are probably the most intelligent and diverse THINK TANK ever created in Hong Kong. A community united all the best talents in town to drive innovation and technology changes for our future.  If you are PhD or PhD candidate interested to join, please reply this post ‘Interest’ then we will follow up with you for the on boarding. If you are not PhD and like to contribute to this community, you can PM me to consider one of the volunteer role available.

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