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DeepPROject Acceleration Program

DEEPTECK has started a new fast track acceleration program to transform technology idea to real venture in 12 weeks

We are developing different platforms and resources to guide participants on how to transform a technology idea to a successful startup venture. Our team is supported by more than 10+ professionals including startup founders, entrepreneurs, sales, marketing, product development, ICO and fund-raising specialist.

Our key positioning in this new program:

1. First ever acceleration program supporting only for Scientists, PhDs and PhD candidate

2. Provide free guidance even on early idea stage.

3. DEEPTECK THINKTANK helps to validate their idea with domain specific and commercial specialist.

4. DEEPTECK community allows best technology and RnD support and sharing from scientist peers and form cross discipline collaboration.

5. Provide free support, consulting and matching for best talent matching and team formation

6. Provide investor matching and consultation on fund raising strategy including ICO

Our program will last from 3 to 6 months depending on the technology idea and ramp up progress.

To enrol this program, at least one of your team member needs to be a registered DEEPTECK official member.

If you are interested, please email to

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