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  • Daniel Chan

Decentralising Conversational Knowledge by AI + Blockchain

  • When domain specific conversation data is insufficient for most enterprises to build conversational AI

Why don’t we crowdsource the data from large number of domain experts around the world?
  • When Data Privacy issue is a growing concern to collect conversation data for AI training such as the recent roll out of EU General Data Protection Regulation

Why don’t we build a platform to allow fast and easy trading on knowledge input and data?
  • When Knowledge input and training for AI from Human requires massive work hour and tedious labour-intensive tasks.

Why don’t we make it as a simple QA challenge with token reward by gamification?

Overview of the vision

Toaddress the aforementioned limitations and reach the mainstream adoption of conversational tools in domain specific enterprises, we propose to build Deep Knowledge Network — DKN, a blockchain governed self-sustaining ecosystem for collecting, management and training of conversational data, so as to break through the limitation of slow and long process of data collection and AI training.

DKN contains four unique properties:

  • A blockchain based crowdsourcing knowledge network and reward ecosystem to collect conversational data. An attractive incentive model is designed for rewarding the contributors of the ecosystem, so that more contributors take part in crowdsourcing data.

  • An ecosystem for blockchain governed conversational data management which facilitates rapid growth of domain specific conversational data to automatically train domain specific NLP tools.

  • An mobile app to allow simple creation of new conversation challenge and anyone can join relevant domain challenge by simply texting message or click buttons to earn token.

  • An expert management platform with blockchain verification on data contributors, their expert skill, industry, feedback and transaction, which ensure easy audit on data quality and authorization of usage

  • An intuitive AI platform that allows AI developer to sell their AI engine through API which utilizes the collected knowledge from DKN for automatically training of numerous AI tools such as sentiment analysis, intent detection and QA services.

The DKN ecosystem will embrace the development of efficient domain specific conversational tools which can leverage the growth of enterprises.

Deep Knowledge Network is a team of top notch scientists and expertise aiming to resolve the barrier and unlock the full potential of conversation AI. We are going to further explain our solutions and features in our coming whitepaper and articles.
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